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По умолчанию This is another area where NBA 2K23 outshines the competition

MyTEAM remains largely the same, though that isn't necessarily a bad thing when it is easily the deepest franchise mode in all of sports games. Relocation, team finances, full support staffs and MT 2K23 more are all included. Menus can be a bit confusing but there is a ton of content here for rabid basketball fans. There are a couple significant bugs that pop up as you progress through seasons (certain tendency sliders go haywire, and progression is odd for G League players) but I'm hopeful stuff like that can be patched soon enough.

MyTEAM gets a tweak for those who enjoy a more narrative franchise experience. Dubbed MyTEAM, this year's version now has daily action points and a new skill tree. This makes every decision and action more critical since players are limited to the amounts of things they can accomplish on any given day because now there is a leaderboard. Having to use an action point to play a game is a drag leading to many auto sims, but it's still a good representation of the busy lifestyle of an NBA GM. This change will be controversial for some, but I don't know how popular the mode is among those here at OS or overall, so the change could help bring some more people into the fold or scare off those who stuck around.

Another big win for NBA 2K23's MyTEAM is that, unlike last year, it takes less than a minute of cutscenes to get into the meat of the mode. There are no Sandersons or Tex cutscenes to slog through, instead it's a quick meeting with the team governor and into the heart of MyTEAM. Saving the best for last, throughout my playthrough of MyTEAM, I found no microtransactions. Instead of buying skill points with VC, actions earn XP at a regular clip and the skill tree makes it easier to get the skills each player prefers.


This is another area where NBA 2K23 outshines the competition. Kevin Harlan and crew (including a rotating cast of color commentators depending on location) flow together seamlessly and help keep players in the action. Likewise, the best pre and postgame show in sports is back with Safe NBA 2K23 MT Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Shaq providing a TV-style atmosphere to the game that really provides immersion each game.

07.11.2022, 11:33
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По умолчанию This is another area where NBA 2K23 outshines the competition


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